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There are lots of different species of cockroach in Australia that can invade your home, however all cockroaches can be controlled with the right knowledge and understanding of how to treat them.  The most common cockroaches found in and around your home are the American cockroach (large with an average size of about 4cm long and dark brown in colour) and the German cockroach (typically 1.1-1.6cm long and lighter brown in colour, however the juveniles are almost black).  American cockroaches are flyers and movers.  They generally move around and will fly into your home, but they can often breed/harbour in your roof void, will come into your home through the drains, or breed/harbour in your septic tank (if you have one).  German cockroaches will breed inside your home and become very bad, very quickly.  Because of this, it is very important if you notice them in your home to book an experienced pest control technician.  They are usually found in warm and moist areas inside such as:  Kitchens, bathrooms, and your laundry.  German cockroaches love hidey holes such as behind your dishwasher, fridge, under the lip of kitchen benches, under your jug, under your phone jack and many more.  An experienced pest control technician is essential for German cockroaches.  If each nest/breeding location is not found and targeted specifically it is unlikely a successful treatment will be carried out.  We ensure all our pest control technicians are very experienced and knowledgeable in any area of pest control they are working in, so that you receive the best result for your hard-earned money!



There are many pest control issues commonly dealt with in the Northern Rivers and Tweed Coast region. While the following list is not exhaustive it does give an indication of the most common problems in residential areas here.

  • Mice and Rat infestations are common, especially where there are sources of food for them.
  • Cockroaches are everywhere in Northern Rivers and Tweed Coast where they absolutely love our subtropical climate, this means inside your house too.
  • Spiders can have thousands of babies, so infestations can be common if preventative measures aren’t taken to keep them at bay.
  • Possums regularly take up residence in small spaces in roof cavities of homes and need to be captured, removed and sealed out.
  • Rogue snakes regularly entered dwellings looking for food or shelter, especially near forested areas.

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