Termite/White Ant Pest Control, Removal, and Protection

The attempt to find a dependable and knowledgeable pest control company in Northern rivers and Tweed Coast is really tough and we understand this. Pest-A-Gon has the experience which has allowed us to be able to tailor a specific Termite solution for the Northern rivers and Tweed Coast market.

Pest-A-Gon has over 35 years of experience in termite control & treatment to help rid your home or office business from termites and/or white ants.

At Pest-A-Gon Termite Control Northern rivers and Tweed Coast, we pride ourselves on the fact that all of our termite control methods, systems, solutions, and products are safe for not only your family members but also your pets.

Termite control

Termites in this day and age pose as one of the most destructive pest problems in Northern rivers and Tweed Coast. Pest-A-Gon will leave no stones unturned when it comes to eliminating these stressful pests called termites. Over the years, our trained pest exterminators have gained a reputation for providing effective pre and post-building termite control and inspection in many residential and commercial properties. All our termite control procedures are safe and environment friendly, thus ensuring your safety.

All of our termite pest control solutions are guaranteed to work against most kinds of termite infestation in the quickest possible time with no hassles. Call Pest-A-Gon now for immediate termite pest treatment and prevention, our friendly staff will assist you with understanding what problem you have on your hands and arrange for our fully qualified pest controllers to visit your home or office. Call us on 0427 683 890 today.



If you find termites or think you have termites lurking around in your home do not disturb them.

Contact us on 0427 683 890 at Pest-A-Gon for a comprehensive termite management solution including:

  • We will do a thorough termite inspection
  • Find where the termites are coming from
  • Discuss all the treatment options available to you and tailor a termite treatment for your property
  • Discuss termite management options to make your home a termite-free zone
  • We have all the inspection tools available to us such as thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters
  • All our work is guaranteed
  • If you have already had an inspection done we also offer free termite quotes at the most competitive prices

Please call Pest-A-Gon on 0427 683 890 for a no obligation and FREE termite pest control quote and let us put an end to your termite problem

…we guarantee an end to your termites!

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